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External Audit Services In Dubai, UAE

Auditing is a term used to describe the process of examining certain entities. In financial terms, auditing means examination of accounts, books and other relevant records of financial nature. Thorough assessment through auditing of an entity gives an Auditor insight into the financial structure of that entity.

External Auditing is the process of assessment of the financial infrastructure of a business entity or an individual by an independent auditor. These unbiased auditors analyze each every aspect of the financial infrastructure from books to accounts to short and long term transactions to discern whether the entity obeys the statutory compliances.

Following compliances is the key to sustain any business for a long term. Without it, enterprises can fall to ruin. That’s why, KRC auditing provide complete external auditing services that contain multitude of procedures, levels and execution of action plan

External Auditing


The procedures that our Auditors implement to cover all the financial items and make you statutorily healthy are as follows:

  1. Planning and risk Assessment: This service can give you, the enterprise owned, an insight into the environment that you operate your business. By proper understanding of the environment, our experts study the impact of that environment on your financial statement
  2. Testing of Internal controls: A proper chain of command is crucial for the maintenance of any infrastructure. Thus, KRV auditing provide internal control testing services. It studies the organization’s infrastructure – focusing on its of command and discerning whether proper authorization is followed at each turn.

After checking and rechecking each element of the financial structure of your business, our external auditors formulate an action plan that you can implement to make your business statutorily viable and thus, financially healthy for a long run.

External Auditing Services

Our services include:

  1. taking your requirements
  2. Developing a plan to analyze the compliancy of your enterprise.
  3. Putting that plan into motion and running a full audit
  4. Providing you the analysis report
  5. Providing you an action plan based on that analysis report
  6. Taking action based on that plan

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