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Anti Money Laundering Services in Dubai, UAE

A man is never satisfied with what he has. Thus, he always try to always have more, through whatever means he deems necessary.

It’s a good thought and desire to go forward and get more. However, when you’re using fraud to achieve your ends, you’re wrong. Money Laundering has been a vehicle for some of the fiercest gangsters, terrorists and fraudsters to hide their finances. They pretend their business is some innocent one. However, underneath, they conduct their real business which if often of an illegal kind. UAE is a heaven of commerce. However, it’s also a den of decadance.  There is always something else going on behind the business objective that we see. That’s why, you need Anti Money Laundering Services. To find out the real business behind what you’re seeing.

Anti Money Laundering

Hiding behind legitimate business objectives

Dark businesses such as slave trade, terrorist financing, and drugs are still pretty prevalent in Dubai. In order to make the illegitimate earnings from these businesses legitimate, criminals hide them behind legitimate business objectives. That’s called money laundering and it can have a destructive impact on a nation, or a person.

Thus, we provide anti money laundering services. Through them, you’ll be able to discern the exact nature of business. They will promote transparency in business and help you find the right collaborates for your legitimate efforts.

Our anti money laundering services

KRV Auditing’s anti money laundering services is conducted with experts with Anti Money laundering Backgrounds. These Certified Anti Money Laundering specialists, provide the following services:

  1. Outsourced risk ratings
  2. Risk rating methodologies
  3. Due diligence
  4. Model and system validation at an independent level
  5. Testing and auditing at an independent level
  6. Risk assessment at an independent level
  7. Training
  8. Look Back projects
  9. New product and service consulting
  10. System selection

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