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In this era where everyone wants to be the best at what they do, there is a big issue. No one among them want to take an honest look at themselves. For that purpose, internal auditing exist. By independently diving into the financial and operational infrastructure of an organization, an internal auditor find the cracks or weaknesses that can make an organization weak. The auditor than creates a report that can plug these cracks and make your organization stronger.

So, if you want to bring to your attention an honest insight of your own organization, you better ask someone who can look at it with methodical, disciplined and meticulous eyes. In a gist, ask KRV auditing for assistance.

KRV Auditing is one of the leading internal audit firms in Dubai, UAE

Internal Auditing

Objectives of an Internal Auditing

The primary objective of an internal auditor is to analyze and improve the effectiveness of an organization by taking a deeper look into the organization’s governance, management and control process. In better terms, it’s an internal auditors job to ensure that every component of the organization’s internal machine is working perfectly. Also, in order to help organizations improve their performance, an internal auditor comes up with methodical recommendations that can assist in sustaining the organization in a long run.

The entirety of what an internal auditor accomplishes for an organization can be condensed into a few, but effective points:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Internal Control Assessment
  3. Consolidation of internal controls
  4. Process performance analysis
  5. Recommending improvements to KPI
  6. Verification of the business requirements
  7. Analysis of any wrong doing.

KRV Auditing’s unique blend of method and management is what your organizations’ needs

By tapping into the nervous system of an organizations, our internal auditors can find out what makes it tick. They can then create a plan that can propel your business – removing your weaknesses, reducing the risks and improving the strength of the machinery that is your organization.

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