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Fixed Asset Management Services in Dubai

Fixed assets are a company’s investments that are used to conduct operations and generate. When it comes to manufacturing companies, fixed assets consists of machinery, equipment and plant. They are the backbone of a manufacturing enterprise and thus, effectively utilizing them is the key to make a business successful. Thus, for a long term success goal, it’s imperative that these fixed assets are maintained properly. However, that could not happen without a proper internal control.

And that’s where fixed asset management come into picture.

However, being an extremely involved process, it would divert your attention away from day to day functions of your company. That’s why, the wise choice in this case would be to outsource these services. KRFV auditing provides asset provide fixed asset management services that consists of the following methods of maintaining the internal controls:

  1. Maintenance of asset registration
  2. Physical verification of the assets
  3. Asset auditing
  4. Providing complete asset management and discussion with the officials in case of discrepancy.

Fixed Asset Management

KRV Auditing’s support in Asset management services

Our Fixed Asset Management Services based in Dubai are to provide support to the backbone of your business by;

  1. Assisting you in maintaining the asset registration
  2. Auditing the existing the assets to see if they need maintenance
  3. Providing training to your staff regarding the matters of asking for new assets
  4. Supervising the complete accounting paradigm for the fixed assets
  5. Accounting the assets that are revalued
  6. Classifying the capital that’s work in progress
  7. Tagging of assets.
  8. Physical verification of the assets

If you’re looking for complete range of Fixed Asset Management Services, reach out to our experts.

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