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VAT services in UAE

In 2017, when the UAE government decided to introduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) regimen into its policies, most business owners were afraid of the impact it could have on their revenue. And they were right to do. The complexity of the transactions makes it difficult for a business to comply to VAT laws.

However, since the time of VAT’s introduction in the UAE, KRV Auditing has been hard at work providing continuous VAT consultancy services to tax payers. Through this services, the taxpapers now can:

  1. Strategize their business to minimize the impact VAT has on their revenue, and
  2. Get notified when the time comes to file VAT compliances.

Vat Consultancy

Our VAT consultancy package includes many VAT services

Here is the list of our VAT services:

  1. Vat Advisory Services: When the industry in need for suitable solutions, we provide VAT services on transactions and assist you in finding out the taxability of the said transactions.
  2. VAT return filing services: VAT Return Form 201 has to be filed by the end of every financial year. We provide you all important assistance you need to compute the output vat and ensure that submitted VAT is as per the compliance while also being favourable for your business.
  3. VAT registration: Currently, there are many entities that are yet to register under the VAT regimen. We provide VAT registration services while also providing recommendations of how to make the regimen work for your business.
  4. VAT deregistration: VAT deregistration can be costly affair if you don’t file it on time. We thus provide you complete services cancelling of VAT registration number within the stipulated time frame.
  5. VAT training: Understanding VAT laws and regulations require training provided by expert professionals. We offer VAT training tailored towards the infrastructure and needs of corporate and individuals. It will cover entire chapters of VAT laws and regulations. The training can then be implemented by the corporate as per their business infrastructure and needs.
  6. VAT transaction Advisory Services: Our VAT transaction advisory services focus on guiding your business through specific and complex industry transactions. Our professionals, guided by their updated knowledge about the VAT policies, guide you in entertaining these transactions in a VAT compliant manner.
  7. Excise Services: Excise Tax is an indirect tax that’s levied on products that are considered harmful by the UAE government. The end goal here is to reduce the consumption of these goods.
  8. Excise Services: KRV Auditing provides multiple Excise services from excise registration for importers, Stockpilers and importers to

Thus, if you’re looking for high quality VAT consultancy services, reach out to our experts.

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