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Stock Audit Services in Dubai

To strengthen the internal control system of your organization, you should conduct repeated checks on your stocks and inventory. Our stock audit services conduct full physical verification of the stocks present in your company and compare them with stock detailed entered in the record book. Whether it’s bounded warehouses, distributors of consignment agents, our stock auditing services cover the entire inventory system to give you the exact analysis of your physical stock.

Stock Audit

Taking care of the stock auditing services by following through each aspect:

At KRV auditing, the stock audit services covers the following aspects:

  1. Stocks that are in transit: We keep a close watch on the stock that are currently in transit using tech-oriented methodologies.
  2. Pilferage and old seasoned stock: Old seasoned stock is always susceptible to theft by either members inside of organization or outside of it. We also keep an eye on the old stock by matching their quantities with the archives.
  3. Storage guidelines: The nature of stock vary. Some consists of inventory that need special attention to prevent them from getting spoiled. KRV auditing thus follows a proper guidelines to ensure that the stored stock is protected.
  4. Stock movement procedures: Our Audit services ensure that your stock movement procedures conform to the best standards present in the market.

KRV Auditing’s Coverage of Stock Audit Services

KRV Auditing’s stock audit services consist of:

  1. Getting well versed with the tools present in your organization to record the inventory and stock
  2. Verifying the physical inventory
  3. Finding out if there is divergence between the stock quantity written in the records and the actual physical quantity of the stock.
  4. Recommending the best inventory management procedures in the industry.
  5. Resolution of current stocks
  6. Implementing documentation strategies for better stock management
  7. Ensuring that the Protocols related to storage, inventory, stock loss are being followed.


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