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Tax Agent Services In UAE

What do you mean by a tax agent?

Simply put, a tax agent is an individual licensed by the Federal Tax Authority in the UAE. He, she or they can enter into an contractual agreement to act on behalf of another person (individual or juridical) in matters of tax compliance for that person’s business. The Tax agent is also bestowed with the power to represent the taxable person to before the FTA in matters of taxes.

So, in short. If you need assistance with tax compliance or represent yourself in front of tax authorities of UAE, you can hire tax agent services from KRV Auditing.

Tax Agent

What are the benefits of appointing a tax agent in the UAE?

Following are the benefits of appointing a tax agent in UAE

  1. Assistance in understanding the tax laws in your company by someone who is aware of the policies of the current taxation regimen.
  2. Providing VAT transaction advisory services.

If you reach KRV auditing with your tax agent services need, you’ll be greeted with the services provided by the best experts in the field.

What role does a tax agent play?

The tax agent plays the following roles for your business

  1. Acting as your long term advisory
  2. Assisting in matters of Tax assessment and representation
  3. Assisting matters of tax implementation and representation
  4. Assists in timely filing of the tax returns
  5. Helping you save time and money by handing most of the compliance matters.

Why should you choose the KRV Auditing to play these roles

KRV Auditing is a team of chartered accountants that banks upon its ethics, integrity, professional competence, confidentiality and high quality of professional behaviour to provide their services. With us, you’d have the best tax agent services currently available in the UAE.

How to appoint us as your tax agents

Follow the steps below if you seek our high quality experts for tax agent services:

  1. Go to the official portal of the e services for taxes.
  2. Choose appoint tax agency option
  3. Select us from the list that you see before you.
  4. Once selected, we will reach out to you to ask your requirements.

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