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Are you someone with businesses in more than one country

Have you been compliant to the tax laws of those countries?

Are you aware of the taxation and accounting paradigm of those countries?

Do you wish even more expansion for your business?

When it comes to international tax planning, you have to juggle between multiple tax regimes of different countries to ensure that your business units sustain there. It’s a matter of quite confusion and thus, can only handled by seasoned professionals.

And those are KRV Auditing.

International Taxation

Meaning of international taxation?

International taxation means following the various tax laws from different jurisdictions of different countries to sustain your business presence in those countries. It involves:

  1. Understanding the tax laws of individual countries
  2. Staying compliant with the tax laws.
  3. Ensuring that none of those tax laws can prove detrimental to your business growth.

In short, the business owner has to follow the tax laws of each countries which hosts his or her business units in a way that it’s sustainable.

Importance of International tax laws in UAE

UAE is one of those regions that have been the most lenient towards the entrepreneurs. With no taxes, free zone and off shore companies, it has provided many individuals a chance of success. Thus, more and more businesses are being setup in the UAE.

And many of them are offshore companies.

Offshore companies are referred companies active in the offshore regions. These companies are almost completely owned by foreign entities and often conduct international business. It’s due to the rise of these offshore companies that international tax laws are gaining importance in UAE.

Other reasons for such an increase in importance of international taxation are as follows:

  1. Enhanced focus on transparency
  2.  Implementation of International Tax Standards

What do our International taxation services include?

Our international taxation services include the following:

  1. Corporate tax
  2. International tax planning
  3. Initiating new international businesses
  4. Business expansion in new tax regimens
  5. Analyzing the cross border transactions
  6. Global capital structure planning
  7. Analysis of the tax implications of various tax laws.
  8. Compliances related to transfer pricing
  9. Guidance in matters of international tax reporting
  10. Advisory services for tax for expatriates
  11. Personal tax advisory services

Our specialized taxation services

When it comes to international taxation services, our specialized services include:

  1. Economic Substance regulation
  2. Country by Country reporting
  3. Tax Pricing
  4. Tax domicile services or tax residency certificate

For more information about our services, reach out to our experts.


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