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Offshore company formation services in Dubai

Offshore company refers to a legal business entity that allows you to conduct international business which is outside the UAE’s jurisdiction. An offshore company can hold properties and other companies throughout the globe.

A registered agent is a mandatory requirement to setup and off shore company. KRV Auditing can act as your registered agent – providing complete services to setup your off shore company in the region that you need.

Offshore Company Formation

What are the benefits of starting an offshore company in the UAE

Following are the benefits of offshore company information in the United Arab Emirates:

  1. No Corporate Taxes or Personal Taxes
  2. 100% foreign ownership of the company possible
  3. Simple and cost efficient registration
  4. Low Operational costs
  5. No requirement of a share capital
  6. Easy to transfer shares
  7. Limited Liability of the shareholders

Restrictions that offshore company have to abide by

  1. No banking, insurance and financial services allowed
  2. No permission to carry out commercial operations within UAE
  3. Prior approval required for owning real estate property within the UAE

Exceptions for offshore companies:

  1. Renting or owning real estate allowed in specific areas
  2. Opening a bank account in UAE’s bank is allowed
  3. Business operations within UAE allowed IF approval is obtained from UAE authorities.

Documents required for offshore company formation

The documents required for offshore company formation is different for an individual applicant than that of a corporate applicant

Individual applicant

  1. Applicant’s profile
  2. Passport copy
  3. Bank reference letter
  4. Residential proof
  5. Director’s passport copy
  6. Power of attorney in favour of the registered agent

Corporate applicant

  1. Certificate of company registration
  2. Certificate of company’s good standing
  3. MOA and AOA
  4. Bank reference Letter
  5. Board Resolution for establishment of an offshore company.

Reach out to KRV Auditing for complete scope of offshore company formation services

We provide you with

  1. Registered agents
  2. Preparation of MOA and AOA
  3. Registration of forms
  4. Incorporation certificate
  5. Multi currency bank account opening services
  6. Registrar of companies.

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