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Backlog Accounting Services in Dubai

Companies laying dormant for years don’t tend to maintain their books. If they did, that would mostly entail the old school ways of recording books. Now that the world is digitized making the old school ways obsolete, if the government asks them for their current financial position, they can’t provide the details on time in an orderly manner.

That’s where the importance of backlog accounting shines through

Backlog accounting services entail updating the old accounts of the company starting from the time these company started to do business to the current time. All the records are placed in an orderly manner to provide the exact financial position the company currently stands at.

Backlog Accounting

Importance of backlog accounting

  1. It provides information necessary for decision making
  2. Provides orderly information needed to compare business revenue and costs
  3. Provide a way to reduce overhead- enhancing a company’s profit.
  4. Provides real time information about the current position
  5. Provides a way to sustain business compliance.

Benefits of backlog accounting services by KRV Auditing

  1. No need to hire new professionals to do the backlog accounting of your company.
  2. Complete analysis report of business’s current state
  3. A permanent record is maintained for the transactions
  4. It would save a lot of your time getting assistance from pre-trained experts.
  5. Simplification of the auditing procedure
  6. Meticulous for cash-flow management
  7. Fast adherence to compliances

Our way of providing the service

We take a linear approach when providing you backlog accounting services. Our steps consist of:

  1. Requirement analysis
  2. Document accumulation
  3. Transaction accounting
  4. Report generation
  5. Report discussion

Reach out to our experts for complete assistance related to backlog accounting.  We will bring your company in today’s time, at least on commercial terms.

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