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Financial Feasibility Study Services in Dubai

Everyone has one business plan that they believe would work. However, it’s only after doing a feasibility study on it that they understand if that business plan can bear any fruit.

So, if you’re worried that your plan might be too impractical to implement, don’t give up now. Consult with KRV Auditing. We will conduct a Feasibility Study on that business plan. Who knows? Maybe it’s the very business plan that would work for you.

Financial Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study to determine the viability of a plan

A business plan has to evaluated to find out whether it’s viable before it can be taken off the ground and to the investment experts. Through feasibility, we test this viability by implementing statistics and actual data. The study is fruitful as it will provide you an insight into how to rearrange the plan to make it more feasible so that it can be implemented.

How KRV Auditing Studies the Aspects to determine the viability of the plan

Determining the feasibility of a plan happens at different aspects, and KRV Auditing team is an expert at studying all of these different aspects:

  1. Market health: We analyzing the internal and external market conditions at this phase. It’s a phase where we identify the dominant players, their x factors and their weaknesses. It’s the stage where we try to get a gist of the marketability of your product.
  2. Financial Aspect: It’s the aspect where the cost and fruit of your labours are analyzed. Everything from the initial company setup cost to production cost to marketing cost are analyzed and are compared with the profitability. The goal here is to determine whether your plan as an accepted ROI.
  3. Technical aspect: It’s the aspect that points to the  resources needed to bring that business plan to line. Everything from hard ware and software requirements, to the availability of technology and their impact on CAPEX is assessed to see if you have the manpower and the resources to make your plan real.
  4. Operational Feasibility: At this stage, KRV auditing analyzes several problems that exists in the plan and analyzes whether they can be removed or not.

So, if you want to see whether your business plan can take off, let us run a Feasibility Study on it. Reach out to us at any time.

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