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Company set up and business incorporation in Dubai, UAE

For many, there is no Business hub greater than the Dubai. The vast vistas, the endless opportunities and the receptiveness towards new technologies has made this country ideal for setting up a company. It’s one of the many “heavens for commerce” to which every big or small business unit is attracted to.

What makes Dubai Such a create commerce destination? The reasons are its flexibility of policies and respect for the entrepreneurs.

  1. The country supports tax free income – letting you pocket the entire amount of you have earned
  2. The policies and regulatory framework are created to assist the enterprising minds.
  3. Government is supportive in the matters of domestic and international trades.

As a result, the country attracts investors and entrepreneurs alike – investors and entrepreneurs that want to put a business seed in this field of business opportunity.

However, despite the governments flexibility of assisting entrepreneurs, business formation is difficult. Because of high rewards that come with business formation, Dubai government has decided to make business incorporation as challenging as possible.

That’s why KRV auditing provides business setup and company incorporation services in Dubai. We like the challenging prospect of helping you establish a business unit in this heaven of commerce.

Company Set Up

Why to register a company in Dubai?

If it’s not apparent, the reasons for setting up a company in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Government is supportive and encouraging towards all suppliers
  2. The region of Dubai is rich in resources
  3. It has access to many shipping and air lines
  4. It has no Trade barriers
  5. There is an absolute absence of personal and corporate text
  6. It has the most advanced transportation facility on the planet
  7. It has an already developed financial and service sector
  8. While entrepreneurs will face struggle when moving towards growth, they will do living a world class lifestyle
  9. From hospitality to education to medical to research centres, every facility is available.

Company Incorporation Services that we provide

KRV auditing provides three types of company formation services in the region and they are as follows:

  1. Mainland company setup: This type of company is registered by the Department of Economic Development in the UAE and allows you to do business from Mainland.
  2. Free zone Company Setup: Free-zones are special economic regions in the UAE where entrepreneurs can run their business  without paying custom duties or taxes. The most fruitful form of company incorporation, it will allow you to own 100% of what you earn.
  3. Offshore Company Setup: Offshore company is a business entity that allows you to do business as an international level, and outside the UAE’s jurisdiction. Although it feels like it, Offshore companies aren’t free-zone companies. Offshore companies still need to pay custom duties and taxes. Furthermore, without the intervention of a registered agent, one can’t start an offshore company.

KRV Auditing services for company setup

As agents are mandatory, we can become a mandatory additions to your requirements. We understand the legal steps and nuances exist in the UAE. We can implement them to setup your company in the way that you want. Reach out to us for company incorporation services.

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