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Fraud Investigation Audit Services in Dubai

Fraud is an wrongful act committed for personal gain. It’s always a well planned crime, making fraud investigation a task that can’t be left to novices. At KRV auditing, we employ veteran experts investigate fraudulent acts and excavate the issue at the deepest levels until the culprit reveals themselves.

Fraud Investigation

What is Fraud?

In the financial terms, fraud is an act of falsifying the documents or records with the intent of deceiving other individuals or organizations. In most cases, the act of fraud is committed against large organizations with the motive being that of revenge. Regardless of how pity the motives of fraud are, the act itself can put any business organization in peril, causing the following:

  1. Loss of finances
  2. Loss of reputation
  3. Damage of projects
  4. Damage of social status.

Who commits frauds? Historically, most cases of frauds have come from the employees within the organizations. However, there have also been instances where the customers, vendors and even the highest level of management personnel didn’t shy away from committing such malicious acts.

The necessity of initiating Fraud Investigation?

Fraud investigation primary motive is to reveal the culprit behind the whole situation. However, the other more important motive is to analyze the impact of fraud within an organization. Sometimes, what appears to be a simple case of falsifying records can snowball into financial calamity for an organization. Fraud investigation thus studies the impact of a  fraud on an organization. In case the act is ongoing, it allows the investigators to plug the crack and prevent further damage to the organization.

KRV Auditing: Your premiere Fraud investigator

Our fraud investigation methodology is a simple one:

  1. We analyze the fraudulent act committed.
  2. We try to discern its impact other than what appears on the surface.
  3. If the fraud has caused a perpetual chain reaction of damages, we try to resolve the situation before it gets worse.
  4. We also create a detailed report of the situation, giving you insight into the fraud.

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