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Mainland Company Formation Services by KRV Auditing

If you want to incorporate a company in the UAE, you have to do it under the jurisdiction of DED. The Department of Economic Development takes the institutional support of Dubai Chamber of Commerce to establish the licensing procedures for company formation in Dubai or UAE. As the government encourages the formation of more companies in the land of UAE, the process of mainland company formation has become hassle free.

Mainland Company formation

Authorizes responsible for issuing Mainland Licenses in the UAE

Mainland company setup is not merely about acquiring company formation certificate

There are different types of mainland licenses that are issued at the time of company formation. The nature of these licenses depend on the objective of your company:

  1. Trade License: These are issued to a natural person or a juridical person for start-ups in Dubai. It allows the license holder to practice any kind of trade activity.
  2. Industrial License: To those natural or juridical persons who intend to practice any investment activity, Dubai authorities issue the Industrial License.
  3. Professional License: A professional can apply for professional license in Dubai to setup a company and practice his or her profession whose nature depends upon the qualification of the license holder.

Documents for mainland company incorporation

  1. Copy of Passport of Emirates ID of the shareholders
  2. Legalized power of attorney if the shareholders aren’t in UAE
  3. NOC from the existing sponsor of the UAE visa holders
  4. Details about the company’s activity
  5. Trade name of the company
  6. Approval of the licensing authority
  7. Tenancy contract of the office space
  8. MOA and AOA
  9. Special approvals in case the company conducts special activities.

Benefits of incorporating mainland company in India

  1. It’s a free enterprise system
  2. It has most advanced transportation system
  3. Telecommunications are state of the art
  4. Established financial and service secret
  5. Conference venues and exhibitions of international quality
  6. Residential accommodation and high quality office space.

Get access to the aforementioned benefits by forming a mainland company in Dubai with the help of KRV auditing today.

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