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Company liquidation services in UAE

When a company’s existence ends, the only way to salvage whatever it was worth is through liquidation. Liquidation of a company means winding it up to shut down its operations. In technical terms, it’s called closing a company or cancelling a company.

KRV auditing is the purveyor of all types of company liquidation services

  1. Liquidation of mainland companies and other business entities across UAE
  2. Liquidation of free zone companies and other business entities across UAE
  3. Liquidation of offshore companies across UAE

Company Liquidation

Procedure of company liquidation in UAE

KRV auditing meticulously follows the standard procedure of company liquidation in the UAE

  1. Preparing a resolution to dissolve the company
  2. Appointing a liquidator
  3. Acceptance letter from the liquidator
  4. Getting the signature and stamp of a notary public on that latter
  5. Submitting the documents to the authority for initializing the liquidation process
  6. Advertising about the said liquidation in the newspaper
  7. Obtaining clearance from immigration
  8. Obtaining labour and custom clearance
  9. Obtaining bank account closure certificate
  10. Obtaining clearance from all the utility departments
  11. Submission of final liquidation report
  12. Cancellation of company.

Documents for liquidation

  1. Copy of the license
  2. MOA and AOA copy
  3. Power of attorney
  4. Resolution from shareholders
  5. Copy of the passports of the shareholders
  6. Copy of the Emirates ID
  7. Application form for deregistration

Scope of KRV Auditing’s company liquidation services

We will help you cover every step of liquidation of the company. Reach out to us for more information.

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