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Forensic Auditing Services in Dubai

Forensic Auditing Services comprise of facilities associated with detailed analysis of the record and documents in order to extract any evidence against the fraudulent acts committed so that they can presented in the court of law. if we go by its general definition, forensic is implementation of methods of scientific nature throughout the investigation process. However, forensic accounting and forensic auditing shouldn’t be confused with each 0ther.

When we talk about Forensic accounting,  we talk about investigating a fraudulent act that has been committed by someone from within the organization. Whereas when forensic auditing points to the fraudulent acts committed in favour of the organization.

KRV provides Forensic Auditing Service. Requiring utmost expertise in the matters of accounting and auditor, we employ our unbiased to see the ignored, to ensure that business organizations don’t commit any act akin to fraud.

Forensic Audit

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