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Inventory Verification Services in Dubai

If you can control the inventory, you can control the profit.

That saying holds true in today’s world where many industries still rely on tangible products for profits. Inventory verification is a boon for such businesses. By managing the inventory and ensuring the what’s physically available is rightly mentioned in the record books, Inventory Verification is a service that protects the most valuable asset of a company from wastage, damage and in worst cases fraud.

Being a big part of the International Accounting Standard, Inventory is a major asset for a company that shouldn’t be compromised with at any cost. Thus, we provide inventory management services.

Inventory Verification

What is Inventory Verification or Stock taking?

Inventory verification or stocktaking is a process of physically checking the stock and goods present in the stock at regular intervals. An inventory verification report is created at the end at the fiscal year at the time of account verification. It’s done to:

  1. Meet the legal requirements of inventory management in a way that it abides the law of the land
  2. Establishing a chain of command to give a proper hierarchical structure to the way the employees perform their duties and reporting.
  3. Transferring the work easily as the data is properly processed and the set producers that the employees can implement is already created.

KRV Auditing’s role in providing Inventory Verification Services in Dubai

Our Inventory verifications services consists of verification of inventory keeping in mind the proper planning and expertise of our professionals. Our services include the following:

  1. Physical count of the inventory
  2. Marking the stocks that are physically verified
  3. Identified the inventory that has become obsolete.
  4. Ensuring that there are supporting documents for every stock item
  5. Identifying the divergence in the stock readings mentioned in the record books from the physical availability.



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